Why We Exist 2

We believe that quality sells by itself

Tanzania Brush Products is an East African brand recognised also in Southern African with the cleaning and hygiene industry. Our network of distribution partners has grown significantly in recent years within Tanzania and across borders, with Tanzania Brush Products now established as an African brand in over 9 countries, meaning our products can be delivered to you directly through our international network. What we strive for is to manufacture a product that speaks quality and at the same time can be an affordable product for our end-users from all walks of life.


Three things that define who we are and why we are the number 1 choice:

  1. We strongly believe in customer and client feedback

  2. We have built an effective communication channel be it with our clients, end-users or employees

  3. We provide competitive pricing and a product that lasts

We continue to endeavour to map Tanzania as one of the leading manufacturing and industrial hub in Africa in the field of cleaning and hygiene products.